Why do you need a dedicated mobile website?

In 2013 it is predicted that more websites will be accessed on mobile devices than on laptop and desktop computers COMBINED. Already more than 50% of all local searches are performed on mobile devices. So a professional mobile website is now critical for your business.

Mobile websites are built for visitors who are using a Smartphone to access a website. A redirect is installed on your existing website which identifies a site visitor using a Smartphone and sends that visitor to your mobile website. A mobile website is designed for ease of use by the smartphone user so it doesn't have to be as large as your desktop website. A good mobile site should focus on providing the essential information your site visitors require as clearly and as simply as possible. 


Why a Smashing Time mobile website?

A Smashing Time mobile website is developed to load quickly and to provide simple functionality and usability for the mobile user. The sites are designed to allow mobile users easy access to important information about your business with features such as "tap to call" telephone numbers and clickable email links.

A professional mobile website will enhance your business and attract new customers. Unlike some developers we don't lease your mobile website to you and charge you monthly fees. We don't use templates or instant conversions; at Smashing Time we create professional mobile sites that compliment your existing website and represent your business in the best possible way.


Where next?

For clients in a hurry or on strict budget we offer 4 convenient mobile website packages - click here to see prices.

If you want a totally custom mobile website we offer a fully customised solution, please contact us today to discuss your requirements and to arrange a free consultation.