You may have the best website in the world but if no-one can find it via a search engine you may as well be invisible. Search engine optimisation improves your websites rankings in search engines such as Google and Bing. If your website is as high as possible in a results page you greatly increase the chance of your website being successful.  Good search engine listings are crucial to the success of your business so we don't believe that search engine optimisation (SEO) should be a paid, optional extra. Unlike most developers our websites include extensive professional search engine optimisation (SEO) and a human driven website marketing campaign as standard.

Retro-fitting SEO to an existing website is a very costly exercise so we always recommend that clients consider this important factor when developing any new website.

What We Offer
Every website we build is professionally optimised for search engines and whilst you remain our client your site will continue to benefit from our on-going search engine promotional routines. We are committed to the long term success of your website and your business.

Additional Services
Your business name does not always make the best domain name. We can research and advise on an effective domain name for your website. If you are operating in a particularly competitive market or have special marketing requirements we can provide targeted on-going SEO and human driven site marketing.

Our Results
A great search engine listing can never be guaranteed but we have a history of achieving tremendous search engine listings for our clients. Listed below are some recent examples of the success we have achieved for our clients. These rankings have been gained as a result of experience gained over many years in the industry and as we only use "white hat" SEO techniques so there is no chance of your site being banned by search engines for breaking the SEO rules. We constantly monitor and enhance the attributes that make a website appeal to the search engines so our clients always have the best chance of high search engine rankings over the long term.

Website   Keywords   Google   Bing  
northpointsurvey.com.au   feature surveying melbourne   1,2   1  
site surveying melbourne 1,2 1
codenametom.com.au   mid-century modern lighting australia   1,2   3  
mid-century modern design melbourne 1 1
niki taxidis photography   humanitarian photography   1   1  
heath mckenzie   illustrator melbourne   1,2   3  
pilkington jewellers   jewellery manufacturers melbourne   1,2   1,3  
cassy & co   accountants melbourne   2   3  
accountants hawthorn 1,2 1,2
andrew gaddes   opticians melbourne   1,2   3,4  
  contact lenses melbourne   3   1,2  
coaching for success   business coaching melbourne   2   2  
british car components   british car spares   1,2   1,2  
alex broun   10 minute plays   1,2   1,2  
strategic security alliance group   tscm melbourne   1   1  

All rankings refer to the first page results, multiple numbers indicate multiple first page listings. This snapshot was taken on 8/4/2012

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